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From idea to profitable online product

Since 2001, NetCapital has been successful in developing internet concepts via the “Blue Ocean” strategy, meaning that we develop new concepts, which clearly add value to the internet for both a website visitor as well as the advertiser.

NetCapital solely focuses on products and concepts, which lead to concrete sales. We do not see the internet as a promotional channel but as a sales channel.

We believe that only profitable online activities will stand the tests of time. We practice what we preach. We develop and invest in Internet companies ourselves, such as, and

NetCapital is a network organization with a large variety of business relations. We not only believe that every product is unique: we also believe that every organization has a unique character and therefore work with tailor made solutions.

What can you expect from NetCapital?

We have over 15 years of experience and we offer no-nonsense advice, which is realistic and can be truly implemented.

■ Developing plans for improving your online proposition
■ Deriving a workable blue ocean strategy
■ We offer advanced solutions to optimize conversion for your online products