About NetCapital

From our offices in Amersfoort, we work hard every day to improve our current websites and keep them up-to-date. At the same time, we develop and launch new ones and try to optimize our conversion.

Currently, we are present in 11 European countries plus Brazil. We achieve to run 34 financial websites, most of them in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. If you are looking for new partners or advertising funnels, you can check our Leads & Advertising page.

NetCapital will focus solely on projects that actually generate sales. Internet is not our promotional tool but our sales funnel. We believe that only long-term oriented online business will remain profitable.


To every financial firm we offer tailor-made solutions. Searching for leads, sales or advice? We can assure you that together we will achieve optimal results.

Blue Ocean

We are constantly developing new online concepts that have a clear added value for the web, for the visitors of our websites and for our partners.


We are constantly working to optimize the conversion of our websites and improve the quality of our leads. This makes us an interesting partner for those who want to acquire new customers. Our pricing is highly competitive, and therefore your profit of gaining new customers will always remain attractive.

Development and investment

All our websites and systems are developed in-house and well-tested before being put online. This involves serious investments. That is the only way to be successful in making modern comparison websites.

We can create profitable websites thanks to our longtime experience, but also because of our valuable partners. Thus, we create a win-win situation in which all parties are involved.