Meet the team

Our team consists of nearly 20 enthusiastic and hardworking people (permanent employees and freelancers), each one with his or her own expertise but with one thing in common: a passion for the Internet! From our offices in Amersfoort in the Netherlands we try to improve our websites, introduce new concepts and expand our activities. You are always welcome for a nice cup of coffee.

Team NetCapital

Dirk Folkerts

Founder / Owner
Dirk is the founder and the owner of NetCapital. He has always had a passion for the Internet and started early on with building websites. After creating and, he launched NetCapital in 2003.
Team NetCapital

Heleen Folkerts

The partner of Dirk and responsible for the finances of NetCapital. In addition, she is a full-time mother of four children. Quite a feat.
Team NetCapital

Ton Hermans

Content Director
Ton has an unconditional passion for writing. As a traditional newspaper and magazine editor he switched to the Web very early on. These days he loves to create accessible online information about financial products.
Team NetCapital

Mary Elizabeth Attiani

International Account Manager
Mary was born in Rome and joined NetCapital in 2017 to launch websites in Italy. With her Italian roots and extensive knowledge of marketing she is the right person for that. She is a political scientist as well. Isn't that impressive?
Team NetCapital

Laurens Mostert

Account Manager
Laurens comes from Hong Kong where setup a business unit of a Fintech startup. At Netcapital he will responsable for the commercial development of Netcapital. During his work he is able to inspire others and he also to able to quickly focus on the core issues.
Team NetCapital

Mohamed Nasr

Software Engineer
I love sports and computers. Every day I ride my bike to the office and back, which totals to 200 kilometers a week. Programming is really my passion and I love to learn and create new things every day.
Team NetCapital

Mohamed Ridha

junior Software Engineer
Our latest addition to the Tech team. Ridha has proven himself as a skilled allround deveoper. He has a strong sense of detail and is always cheerfull.
Team NetCapital

Fakhreddine Bedoui

Software engineer
steady force in making complex problems solvable. Fakhreddine has a passion to increase the quality of the software he finds.
Team NetCapital

Jeroen Geuens

Editor Belgium
Jeroen has a talent of drafting readable texts, which is very handy if you need to write about complex financial subjects.
Team NetCapital

Michèle Sasson

Editor Belgium
Michele adds spirit to the team, and has left the banking world to pursue her passion of writing financial texts to help consumers.
Team NetCapital

Peter Cent

Peter works as a freelance consultant for NetCapital and holds a senior position at Triodos Bank N.V.
Team NetCapital

Petra Brand

HR Advisor
Petra works as a freelance HR consultant for NetCapital and at Bouwfonds Investment Management. She is a great help in finding new web experts.
Team NetCapital

Freelance Colleagues

Also working for NetCapital are several freelance content managers for the likes of Portugal, Sweden, Brazil and Poland.

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